AIM-CUE Voicemail usage

Voicemail Usage

Inside the Voicemail usage output you can find quite useful data about the current capacity of voicemail in minutes, see below:

  • show voicemail usage
CUE-751> show voicemail usage 
personal mailboxes:                     0
general delivery mailboxes:             0
orphaned mailboxes:                     0
capacity of voicemail (minutes):        840
allocated capacity (minutes):           0.0
total message time used (seconds):      0
total message count:                    0
average message length (seconds):       0.0
broadcast message count:                0
future message count:                   0
networking message count:               0
greeting time used (seconds):           0
greeting count:                         0
average greeting length (seconds):      0.0
total time used (seconds):              0
total time used (minutes):              0.0
percentage used time (%):               0
messages left since boot:               0
messages played since boot:             0
messages deleted since boot:            0

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