AIM-CUE Software Licenses

Show Software Licenses

As you probably know my CUE was bought on eBay and it’s a pre-owned device, and that’s the reason why you can see its name as “CUE-751”, its previous owner decided to assign that name and of course that is something we are going to change more sooner than later, but for now let’s just continue getting as much data as we can, what about Software Licenses?

  • show software licenses
CUE-751> show software licenses 
Installed license files:
 - voicemail_lic.sig : ENGINEERING 12 MAILBOX LICENSE

 - Application mode: CCME
 - Total usable system ports: 6

Voicemail/Auto Attendant:
 - Max system mailbox capacity time: 840
 - Default # of general delivery mailboxes: 5
 - Default # of personal mailboxes: 12

 - Max # of configurable mailboxes: 17

Interactive Voice Response:
 - Max # of IVR ports: Not Available

 - Max installed languages: 1
 - Max enabled languages: 1

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